• Hope

    #42-Black shows off your muscle tone better
    #49-freakin AWWW

  • doerte

    #42 need to see more to decide😉

  • Susan

    #26 is hilarious

  • Susan

    Meant #21 need.more.coffee. But 26 is cute:-)

  • Amanda

    #42 black it is:)

  • aylavonbrandt

    #14 I'm sooo looking forward to visiting your town one day:)

    • http://littlelovelylily.blogspot.com/ Lola

      Trade places with me? Greetings from Puerto Rico.:)

      • aylavonbrandt

        If I could…😀

    • Theresa

      Must go to the motherland

  • blub_glub

    #37 I❤ Brandon

  • Brittany

    Who is #60???

    • me2

      Looks kind of like a young J, Franco.

    • arwen

      Yes, it's James Franco playing James Dean:)

      • girlnamedlisa

        IS IT?! I thought it looked kinda like James Franco. He looks freaking GORGEOUS. Berry, do a James Franco post PLEEEEEASEEE!!!

  • lexxy

    #30 is absolutely adorable!

  • http://beautifulbroken-tangeria.blogspot.com tangeria

    #59 once you see, cannot unsee! =)

    • skittles

      That's exactly what I was going to say!!!

    • cels0_o

      Too bad it's shopped.

  • Smurfy

    People turn off their computers?? Weirdos! #48

  • Liz_O

    #51 In my experience it took more time. Regardless afterwards you should let them soak in some sort of fruit juice for a bit.Otherwise they taste like burning with a barely there fruit aftertaste.

    • Jenny Michele

      What kind of alcohol did you use? I was thinking of trying it with peach schnapps..

      • Liz_O

        I used vodka, but the schnapps might work. Sounds like it could be very tasty and good for a party. I always tried a really small batch to test. Like 10 gummi bears and enough alcohol to cover them. Make sure you get them right in the fridge though, I forgot one time and it formed a weird gelatin like mass…

  • Candice

    #35 … awwww!

  • Wisconsinette

    #42 – Keep representin' the Dairy State! And I vote black!😉

  • Naomi

    #42 black all the way! Even though white is a close second, it's kind of see through😉

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #39. With respect, compassion and tenderness toward those who champion this idea, I call BS. That is helpful for some but not all. I've seen this used to rationalize away any need to help or even care. Sometimes it's circumstances that really need to be changed. Sometimes the issue is neuro-chemical. With the best docs & best meds my mania was eventually controlled, but I've struggled with the depression caused by my genetically defective brain for decades. I choose to stay alive because I love my family. I've had to accept that for me this may be "as good as it gets".

    • elunknown


    • http://TheBerry Kerilyn

      Glad I’m not alone. This is the kind of stuff I get to hear when I’m in a low—along w/ “if you didn’t think so much about yourself…..” & “you’re so negative, that’s why you’re do depressed”…..if everyone could just choose to be happy we would.

    • Skeptis

      WORD. I find these quotes annoying as they so often seem to come from a place of privilege where the worst thing in your life is boredom or a struggle to 'find who you really are'. Most of us are incredibly lucky to be able to 'choose happiness' when so many are suffering from illness, poverty and persecution. REAL pain. It is also very convenient to put the responsibility of happiness on people rather than admit that life is often unfair and that we may be at least in part responsible for the suffering of others.

      btw A BipolarGuy – thanks for taking the time to share your opinion on a site where I think many hesitate out of fear of being judged. If everyone was honest about what they really felt I believe we would have to change a lot of our assumptions on 'popular opinion'.

  • arwen

    #13 This seems impressive, but it kind of looks like it ends with a faceplant…
    #17 I actually prefer your version:)
    #27 Is that Tom Selleck on the box?
    #43 Every time!😦

  • Littlefeet

    It always bothers me to see Mr. Rogers Photoshopped doing something very Un-Mr. Rogers like. If he wasn't such a decent man or he was playing a character I think I could see it as a joke. Real life Mr. Rogers was exactly like the Neighborhood's Mr. Rogers. I kinda feel like Mr. Rogers would be disappointed seeing pictures of himself like that.

  • Carolina

    #44 neither, they're both too small.

    • Carolina

      Damn meant 42

      • Carolina


  • fluffymcgee

    Where can I find #56?

  • Dayna

    #48 That's me, and its usually The Berry or The Chive that distracts me!

  • brightBarbie

    Hot damn, #40 #58
    #42 – black…. It’s beautiful here in Denver too😉

  • JOHN

    #13 my son and or daughter in 15-20 years. They will kick your ass

  • izz

    did that kid land it?

  • Minnie

    #42 Neither.

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