• SadeShadz

    #9 #28 #49 So cute!

  • Abbey

    #28 That dog is so cute and fluffy !!! #16 That is too cute. I love snugly cats !!

  • Lindsey

    #41 that's my geektastic puppy dog❤.

  • jean.

    #2 in the shape of a❤. dawww.

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #44 Tubs is stealing my heart

  • sarahbelle

    #40 I'm glad you got away…my heart goes out to you and your pup!❤

  • Donnie

    #40. Animals rule! I prefer them to humans.

    *What is the difference between a dog and a man? If you you feed a dog and help it prosper, it will not turn on you. *

    You're a SURVIVOR! I am glad Ozzy was there for you….and you for him.<3

  • http://nastjaphotography.com Nastja H


    Rambo and I made it on! Awesome surprise! Thanks Emily!
    ❤ Nastja

    • http://nastjaphotography.com Nastja H

      #7 oops… but this one is cute too!!

  • jason

    #36 EASTON = priceless

  • Sam

    #28 and #36 are awesome

  • Stephanie

    #12 i feel you pain. its like a murder scene within 5 mins

  • rae

    #20 looks and is named like a kitten i had to give up a few years ago, i sure hope it is him because he looks loved

  • Melissa

    Finally my baby made it!!! #28. That is riskier the Samoyed at about 3 months of age. He's almost two now…

    • Melissa

      Riker – autocorrect be damned…

  • Am_L

    #35 is our puppy Cali! She loves her treats:)

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