• Gigi

    Love the gallery, maybe sharing the names would be nice, could't recognize a few!

  • zpadilla

    THIS IS EPIC! although all (or most) are taken this only makes them more attractive😀

  • http://www.makeupandblowjobs.com jade

    omg!! #4 and #30….HOT !

  • Annonymouse75


    Colin. So sexy everyday, even sexier in this pic!

  • Sabrina

    guys with kids aren’t hot. if they already have kids; they should be taken. AND their time should be taken. the more kids he has, the LESS time he should have for a woman.

  • JJ13

    Great pics! Too bad there's a typo…"Hot Dad's"😦

  • rocklesson86

    Yes guys who are just there for their children are hot.

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  • Ahmed

    i adore your house, its just beautiful. LOVE the ktehcin, and the little wall nook in your room is a fantastic idea. The boys rooms look great as well.[]

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