• meeeee

    #4 I'll take both please❤

  • Ginger

    #7 I'm totally going to do this!!!

  • Karen

    #30 makes me so nervous!

  • ilmill

    #35 yes!!

  • http://littlelovelylily.blogspot.com/ Lola


  • PA Chivette

    #4 & #40….FIND THEM!!! We need MOAR, please!😀

  • Emma

    #4 wow.

  • Jayyy

    #37 Top Thrill Dragster in Sandusky, Ohio – Cedar Point!:) LOVE THAT PLACE..only rode that ride once and peed myself a little lol.

  • Gerri

    scariest feeling ever! i always avoid them when i wear heels

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Seriously! That is treacherous! I've lost both shoes right off my feet on one of those before.

  • diamante

    #32 models, they're VERY PRETTY, we get it…

    • dancer21

      haha i didn't even take it that way.. i took it as showing the crazy hairstyles

  • fercyccone

    They could have put Janet Hubert-Whitten, she was marvelous on that show, besides, she still looks great…

  • whuz

    o_O … 9gag..

  • Jessi

    #9 is a DILF now … they had the baby this week … it's a boy.

    Btw can we get more Jensen, Jared, and a little Misha.

    • Jessi

      Okay correction…I've been off twitter for awhile. Jared and Gen are at 20 weeks….

  • MsAnonymous

    #36 Mr Feeny – I love watching boy meets world
    #40 You're cute

  • Danielle

    http://senoritavixen.tumblr.com/ pretty original blog:) so over re-bloggers.

  • mimi

    #14 looks like mold.

  • Rachel

    #37 52 more days till cedar point opens!

  • Seldi84

    #7 I have my own version. Every joke that isn't funny i take a drink. I'm black out drunk before the commercial break.

  • KarDOOSHians

    #10 Ever wonder what men who don't have girlfriends do with their spare time? Now you know

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