To be BLUNT, Emily looks great (7 photos)

Emily Blunt had a beautiful shoot for the Spring 2012 issue of Time Style & Design. Check out some interview highlights below:

On why she took on her role in "The Five-Year Engagement":
"It was something I don't think has been done before, where the girl is not playing the pill of a girlfriend. She's got as many hilarious set pieces as the bloke."

On her fashion preferences:
"In general, I like more edge rather than something too girly and straight. I don't like flouncy, and I don't like boring. I'd prefer to go for something a little sleeker and more defined. I'm not necessarily someone who goes to fashion shows. But something weird happens to you when you put on clothes like these [for the Time shoot]. It's very visceral."

Check out the ‘Five-Year Engagement’ trailer HERE.

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