Afternoon eye candy: Kanye West (30 photos)

Love him or hate him...

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  • summer

    Ladies, ladies. It's called EYE candy because it's for the pleasure of your eyes and ovaries! not your overly judgmental brain!

    • mimi

      he is also ugly

    • kirah

      my eyes dont like him either……

  • Melissa


  • @j298719304

    yes, nice work!

  • @j298719304

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  • @j298719304

    Apple mac books: $280- 520`

    Iphone 4S: $320

    Ipad 2 64gb + wifi + 3G : $330

    New Ipod touch 64gb: $120

  • esotericchuck

    I had no desire to look at the pictures. I really wanted to see the comments. I hope this was an early April Fools.

  • katie

    jeez people are haters! I'll admit he's a douchebag and I don't find him attractive, but his music is awesome.

  • Tara


  • drea619

    wow am i the only woman who likes kanye? the arrogance and cockiness is kinda sexy, but plainly put he is one of the greatest music minds of our time, he is behind producing for so many popular artists and he makes really good music. I like rap music so i relate to him and enjoy the music he makes. I bet most of the girls commenting dont listen to rap music so they really have no place to run their mouths about his art and if ur still upset about the whole taylor swift mumbo jumbo get over it, the rest of the world has. wow this turned into a long comment, anyway the same chicks bashing him im sure would love a c-breezy eye candy post, and totally negate the fact that he's an even bigger douche….ugghh this site seems like its only a bunch of middle-amercia white girls posting nonsense….wack no wonder i stay on the chive

  • Meh.

    drea619.. You don't have to like rap music to know Kanye West is terrible… In fact! What you are calling rap is not really rap anyway… Also GAY FISH!!!

  • rocklesson86

    He is in my top ten favorite musicians, but he not hot at all. I like him for his musician.

  • Crystal

    Sexy MF right there ;] and for all Haters out there, why the hell waste your time and comment about someone you do not care for. Jealous asses!

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