• meeeee

    #27 Yeah… I wouldn't mind looking like that.. Her smile is contagious!!!❤

  • PicklesMcGee

    yay! I love Kate Hudson! & to think my vote yesterday had a -1 rating! How can you diss Kate Hudson?! Sh'es adorable!!😀

  • misschris

    I love her. Her smile in so infectious. It's kinda annoying how effortlessly beautiful she is :-)

  • Abbey

    #16 #17 I love Kate Hudson and I think she is adorable, but I seriously hate her as Darcy in Something Borrowed !!

  • nayala

    yaaa i love her!!

  • arwen

    #37 Glad this was included somewhere. Made me fall in love with her completely.

  • laguera

    Love her! Awesome actress!

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