• someoneyoudontknow

    #1 might just be makeup

  • Seldi84

    #10 Looks better with the colour in her hair

  • Susan

    #20 too funny!

  • kirinjirafa


  • Shan Mon

    #27 Kim recently tweeted how much she LOVES this piKture! Of course she loves it! I really hope they get photoshopped out of our lives soon.

    • Samantha Kristal

      Never have I seen so much photoshop… Khloe doesn't even look like the same person!

      • Dan

        true…she looks a lot like a mule or horse

  • SadeShadz

    #23 is THE best!!!😀 Harry Potter and I know it!! ♪

  • Lisa

    I got to #5 before I got too creeped out to continue

  • Rochelle Brooks
  • minervamink0903

    #9 is hysterical! if you want to see the picture without rotating your head just press Ctrl, ALT, and the down arrow key.:)

    • Judy

      thanks for the tip

  • Sfieetjj

    #16 whaha

  • Carly

    #6 Cynthia!!!

  • Anon

    What am I missing about #18?

  • Bob

    #27 two bitches and a tranny is what I see.

    • Jawbone

      You'd think they could master creating a believable navel by now.

  • girlyskullhead

    #28 I know people think she's talented and blah blah blah, but I would have more respect fo rher if she aged gracefully and quit trying to be 22.

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    10 Looks better with the colour in her hair

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