• dancer21

    hahah i love this

  • sally3

    i love will ferrell

  • annabanana

    jason bateman is hot

  • paper_doll

    i don't mean to be the person who makes comedic things all serious, but a lot of people really don't think twice about how the person they are insulting will take it on a personal level. i know these actors have all developed a tough skin, and are in turn mocking the people insulting them. but sometimes words do feel like more than just that, and cut right to the core

  • girlyskullhead

    Maybe I'm confused cause there is 2 snow white movies coming out, but isn't Kristen Stewart on Snow white and the Huntsman?

    • whonow

      That's the joke. ^^
      Someone got their Kristen's mixed up. They meant Stewart.
      Cause she is way uglier than Bell.

  • Devon

    I would never send a hateful tweet to anyone, celebrity or otherwise. Grow the hell up, people.

  • lalexgeorge


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