The one and only…. Chris Farley (35 photos)

Chris Farley was one of the world's greatest actors/comedians. He passed away back in 1997 but we'd like to pay tribute to some of his greatest moments on screen. He will never be forgotten.

Click HERE for some great SNL moments.

  • Kristen

    Awww I miss him!!! I grew up watching Tommy Boy almost every weekend at my friend's place. We would walk around at 12 years old quoting lines we didn't really understand but knew were funny:)

  • thaomeow

    YES! I was hoping #6 would be in here. "Fat guy in a little coat!"

  • kirah

    #14 #27 #35 was definitely hilarious!!! I don't know how they all got through without completely loosing it.

    • V4Vendetta14

      That skit was when I realized he was a physical comedy genius, and sadly that he was going to die too young…

  • mazzie

    What a tragic loss…… naturally funny.. I will always enjoy his movies.

  • HolePwner

    Relapse Man was a great skit on SNL

  • Karen

    This is what a needed…hilarious…thanks berry! Don't think I've ever seen…anything he's been in. Adding that to my to do list…😛

  • meeeee

    #5 Ahhhh I watched Beverly Hills Ninja last week!! Such a great comedian.. RIP

  • Jayyy

    #26 Loved the Coneheads!

  • TNT

    Just introduced my 9 year old son to CF…he LOVES him, of course!

  • tomato

    i remember in 6th grade he died and his funeral was at my gradeschool. it was so weird to see choppers and limos in our parking lot. he was so funny and talented. RIP

    #16 Tommy Boy is one my my favorite movies.

  • Ele

    #25 my all time favorite

  • mdot

    Love love love love!!!!!

  • Mehhhh

    Lay off MAN.

  • mariska

    chris farley was one of my favorites. miss him

  • whodoube

    Chive on, Chris!

  • Nishtai

    #28 Sandler looks like the brunette version of my ex. I don't know if I should laugh or cry

  • Mike R.

    #24 His most underrated film! If you haven't seen it, you must!!

  • Dana

    i miss him so much😦

  • girlyskullhead

    I remember when I told my friend (who also loved him ) that he had died and he said "yeah right, just like Aqua died in a plane crash" Matt Foley and the Chippendale's skits were the best.

  • iloveserjtankian

    I love Chris Farley – so effin hilarious! But where's the Lunch Lady???

  • spicticus

    #4 was one of his best skits. Love it!

  • Michael

    As a Marquette Alum, as well as a fellow Marquette rugby player, we all miss him. Would love to have meet him just to help him try to exorcise those demons he was facing with drugs and alcohol.

    BTW the house I lived at Marquette, he burned the downed the one neighbors with a smoke bomb. RIP

  • bagofrocks

    #15 #20 #31 #34 Saturday Night Live "Schmidt's Gay Beer" So funny. Especially when that is your friends last name and watching it for the first time with him and a house full of others.

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