Dave Franco is no longer in the shadow of his brother (18 photos)

James Franco has been in the spotlight for years and now it's his little brother's time to shine. Dave France has told press that he wants to 'separate' himself with his brother. His character in '21 Jump Street' helped make that separation happen. Let's face it though, both Franco brothers have good looks. Check out Dave Franco's GQ shots plus more below.

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Click HERE to see Dave Franco featured in theBERRY’s afternoon eye candy.

  • JOHN

    #3 baller suit

  • Seldi84

    #11 Yeah he is, He'll always be that douche from the shite scrubs spin off.

  • Sarah

    #2 and #3 – yup. I like him better than his brother.

  • PicklesMcGee

    Wow I always liked James Franco but his brother is like, this way hotter version!! Who knew?!😀

  • annabanana

    he became my new crush after 21 jump street

  • thaomeow

    They both look great and it's because of that smile. Case in point, #8, #13, and #18.😉

  • Rosh

    Love his smile.:)

  • Tali

    #6 I thought he was James!! LOOOVE the smile

  • Tara

    He was the best thing in the last season of Scrubs!❤

  • SugarSkull

    the blood runs hot in the Franco blood..lol

  • Marz

    He annoys the holy hell out of me in Scrubs.

  • nayala

    his smile is what reminded me of james in 21 jump street i love them both!!!

  • missb

    not impressed…

    • bad Hair

      me either.

  • Daniel

    he’d been accepted to the PhD in English prragom at Yale not that he was actually matriculated. I would think Yale would value their name more than his celebrity, and because of the massive competition to get into such a prestigious PhD prragom, I wouldn’t be surprised if his sudden interest in the Houston PhD prragom wasn’t as a result of a mandate from Yale: You have to pick one school and you must be in residence. You may not do this on weekends or online. When I was at Columbia, you could get a joint degree: An MFA in theatre and a JD and I know many doctors who get a PhD along with their MD but these are always at the same school, or inter-affiliated prragoms. To pick competing prragoms in different parts of the country and then simultaneously enroll just doesn’t make sense. I can’t even imagine a scenario where it would be acceptable to be an MFA writing student at Columbia while also being an MFA film student at NYU. It doesn’t make sense on any level.

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