Sunday brunch (60 photos)

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  • SadeShadz

    #51 Love it! Looks like Dr. Seuss drawing :p
    #57 Avoid! If I have no chance well…

  • Araliya

    #20 and I have similar hair. Gorgeous!!!

  • SomeGirl

    #32 Make him the afternoon eye candy sometime! LOVE him!

  • wildflower

    #57 Avoid at all costs! And if there is no alternative…. hold onto my bracelets and clinch my fists so my jewelry doesn't freakish all fall off all of a sudden – lol

  • Angela

    #52 Must be what hipsters wear when it's too formal for skinny jeans.

  • becky

    #57 like the plague…

  • Lana Tran

    #41 He plays Grim the Huntsmen from this show called "Once Upon a Time" he is super hot!

  • AbbeyCintr

    13 Fictional Characters Caught In The Real Worl…

  • Delfina Coughlin

    nice post

  • Jose Bueno

    makes me want to go back to bed (with him). That street photo is gorgeous!

  • Brooke

    #41 He's crazy if he doesn't see a resemblance. Looks just like him.

    #57 Definitely walk over those, you never know when you'll see a ninja turtle.

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