BERRY hot men: Random hotties (27 photos)


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  • K

    They are all hotties….. But #20 needs a new ink artist. And I know just where to find one

  • Mallory

    #11 – RCJH!!

  • edyklm
  • camille

    #22 <3

    • Jinx

      Thank you….he's GORGEOUS!!

  • Tara

    # 20 PLEASE FIND HIM!!!

  • Sarah

    #4 – I'm sorry. If you haven't gotten your shirt on yet, the hat is an unnecessary accessory. He looks like a d-bag. And no one walks out of a fitting room, no shirt, no shoes, just pants and a hat and snaps a picture of themselves.

  • aciekay

    #8 so cuuuuuute! #10 & #13 & #21 nom, scruff. and those eyes. <3

  • Shar11

    #10 #12… hot

    • Theresa

      Somebody find #12

  • SomeGirl

    #11 LOOOOOVE Emile Hirsch! And #18 omg those cheekbones…I die!

  • Nooni

    10, 16 & 25…. Hot damn!

  • aylavonbrandt

    #12 is just omg. Like really omg. ^^

  • Alexis

    # 21 his eyes are so sexy i want to lay right next to him. # 20 i want to see more of him like man with a tattoo.# 8 i want lay in bed with him all day. # 16 like a men they sexy eyes that is a turn on for me. # 9 # 12 # 13 i want to them to throw me on the bed kiss me all over.

  • peach10964

    #1 is so gorgeous
    #8 looks fun to cuddle with
    #10 is my fav…I just want to….
    #18 has a nice set of v lines….always a fav on men

  • Emm422


    Game me those warm sensations. :) Find him please?! And oh yeah. Bam! PREGNANT!

  • SadeShadz

    #11 only one for me here!

  • Melissa

    #8 Now that is a lovely way to wake up everyday!

  • Lisa

    All of these guys are super hot!!! Can't pick a favorite, but this is one of the best Berry posts ever!!!!!

  • yeah

    #6 WANT!!!!!

  • Abbey

    Don't think I'll ever get tired of #24 :D

  • Shelbi

    who is #9 and where can I find him!

  • D.J.

    I don't know where to begin. Except for a bad tattoo there all pretty amazing. And #4 what a perfect body. Good work crew.

  • nellie


  • Coralie

    I want #5, #13, #15, #25 rush delivered to my apartment wearing nothing but boxer briefs.

  • John

    Marisa is undoubtedly super hot love the Harley ads in paicatulrr. On the other hand, Marilyn oozed sexuality from every aspect of her being. Her enticing voice, what she said with her eyes, how she moved. Marilyn is the hottest woman ever. But I hope Marisa never has to pay the price Marilyn did for being who she was.

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