• Jess

    Loving this post
    Full of win

  • Seldi84

    #3 Fuck Transformers were awesome toys.
    #9 I'd forgotten Mcdonald's did cool toys that weren't just movie tie ins.

  • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

    Love it all. Great memories. I'm sure it was always better to be a child back then instead of now when everything is so… modern and somewhat fake.

  • BombTronBecky

    #1 Any time I pass an Easybake in the store, I get a little sad. I was never allowed to have one. Now, I have my own full size oven, which, by the way, I've never set anything on fire with. That's right, Mom, I turned out to be the responsible one!

    • Ginger

      #1 I had an even older model than the one pictured (it was all metal) and mine never caught fire! I did burn the crap out my fingers trying to get the food out though! It was so worth it.

    • Susan

      My husband, as a child, wanted one of these so badly but being a boy it was a pretty hard sell to his dad. He was walking home from school one day and saw one in the trash. He took it home and it worked! All three of our kids (2 boys/1 girl) have had their own easy bake ovens and we have enjoyed them as much as they have… maybe more

  • Shan Mon

    #33 – Can you hear me now?

  • LCT

    I still have big puffy heart love for #11

    • Lisa

      You know he's like a hardcore rocker now? He has a band with one of the guys from the Flaming Lips. Crazy.

  • Katie

    #13 I remember my mom waiting for hours to get these for my sister and I for Christmas. They were supposed to learn things and talk.

    • Lisa

      My friend had one and I was so jealous. But then it turned out creepy as hell and would randomly wake up and stop talking. Not a fan.

      • Katie

        OMG yes soo creepy, I remember covering them up and eventually having to take out the batteries because they were so creepy.

  • Lisa

    #27 god help you if you got your hair stuck in one of these

    • Susan

      and you know this from experience? hee hee😉

      • Lisa

        I never said I was the smartest kid in the world, haha

  • SadeShadz

    #2 #23 *sigh* the good days! ^_^
    #30 I loved anything with Jim!!

  • jesca84

    #14 i still get these for me………………….and my kids.

  • shonda

    wow, this really took me back. Good times though.

  • Sarah

    #23 – this isn't my childhood, I just played this the other day. And it was AWESOME.

  • Anomanom

    #3 I'd beat you unconscious for that VF-1S Valkyrie on the left.

  • Karen

    #37 My favorite couple ever.

    • arwen

      I recently learned they dated in real life!

  • minervamink0903

    #13 – I hated this fucking thing. I wanted one, then when I got it…it wouldn't shut the fuck up. It would go off in the middle of the night saying mmmm me hungry! So…I smashed it…
    #30 – I can repeat every line to this movie! I LOVE ITTTT! Look ma I'm road kill ha ha haaa! A OOOOOO GGGAAAAAAAA! … Okay, I'm done now…just wanted to say my favorite lines…

  • KelGreen

    Great post, Berry!
    #28 #12

  • _maxPain_


    sssomebody ssstop me!

  • Candice

    #37 … LOVE THEM

  • http://twitter.com/rachel_is_epic @rachel_is_epic

    #15 – OMG I had a zillion of those all in different colors LOL!!

    • Theresa

      I'd still be wearing mine if some ass didn't break it!

  • Abbey

    This post makes me miss being a little kid😦 God I feel old.

  • jenna

    This made me so happy!

  • http://twitter.com/shibsta @shibsta

    I remember biting one one of these as a kid… it was horrible!

  • Eve

    What is #32 called!?

    • http://www.rockstarvesrandoms.com vron

      I believe it's Billy the Answer Head from Figure It Out

  • Mch

    #31 Still loving that though…

  • Stacey


    Damn, I remember laying on one of these, watching Gilmore Girls every saturday night before I'd go to work!

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