• meeeee

    #3 I'll have both the hot guy and the puppy please:)

  • sjakie

    B&W photo's, no black models though?

    • SadeShadz

      #27 not a model but…

  • SadeShadz

    #5 #7😀😀😀

  • CJGilles


    • Beth


  • tomato

    #15 is hot… but i hate it when models pose with the gun to the head

  • Shar11

    I will take one of #1 and #8 and like a hundred #18…

  • mk0227

    #10 i'm intrigued by the idea of pants-less skateboarding

    • Sarah

      Yeah, any wipeouts could get really interesting really quickly.

  • michelle

    #3 oh mother of god.

    • Beth

      My thoughts exactly.

  • aylavonbrandt

    #2, #12, #18 and #20, sexy as hell.

  • sleepingchrissy

    I feel like black and white makes it that much better.

  • angela

    Dang, jered leto in #5 is smokin! Where was that pic the other day??

    #12 is so cute! Im intrigued. and WHO is #21?! Let’s get moar of these two:)

  • KVCanada

    No Chris Brown, I will not "shhh". Why is he still being featured on this site? There is nothing sexy about a man who beats women. I have seen other people comment about this on here, and I believe that you should seriously consider banning him from this site. Supporting his limelight seeking, attentionwhore career goes against everything that any independent woman should encourage.

    • KCCOAlex

      Completely agree with you, but I believe this is Trey Songz not Chris Brown.

      • zpadilla

        hahah i agree. not chris.

  • bibiana

    #10 im just wondering why is he skating and pantless

    • Megan

      Don't wonder, just enjoy

      • zpadilla

        ^^^LIKE lol

  • Abbey

    #1 #8 Hot !!

  • mcs

    #12- josh hutcherson?

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  • Becki

    #8 you are the most GLORIOUS COVER BOY EVER… and #21… you don't have a happy trail, you have a happy FOREST that I'd like to trip through with my fingers and my ton… oh nevermind!!!!

  • Alexis

    # 10 he is hot like this picture and the tattoo. # 21 wow he is so fine i want to take him home. # 1 i want to see more of him.

  • Brianna

    #21 amazing!!!

  • SugaPie McFly

    #13 & OHMYGOODNESS!!!! Where has #21 been my whole life….for serious.

  • Beth

    #3 Good lord.

  • catiesuiter91

    who are #16 and #25? They're so damned sexy!

  • fercyccone

    #10 Benjamin Godfre has a huge portfolio of nude pics, I really like his work, he is not ashamed of his body…

  • Mt Chick

    Who is #6? I do want!

  • l0vebug76

    OMG! #21 I couldn't move for some time.

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