• soda pop

    #21….find her:-)

    • Jenny Michele

      I'm going to be a jerk here.. When you guys post "find her," I always wonder if it's so you can stalk/harass her.

      • soda pop

        When we say "find her" we mean her name/more pics, what she does for a living etc……

        NOT her e-mail address, scree name, social security number, address of her home and work, and all her favorite likes and dislikes……LMAO…….seriously? you got to be kidding me…….

        • Jenny Michele

          I'm sure that's most of you normal guys.. and that's fine. Unfortunately there's too many creeps out there that can take basic information like name, occupation, etc and find out things like email address, screen names, online profiles, home and work addresses, and make her life uncomfortable as a result. All because some guys want to see her pictures.

          Call me paranoid if you want. I don't care.

  • soda pop

    #2……ever see that commercial where the two people are talking and the one says, "you are what you eat.."

    so then the other person says, "well then I guess I need to eat a skinny person…."

    —Or maybe I saw that on theBerry……

  • Amazing

    #9 Love these posts!…but people need to learn more about what we call "wheat" these days…it's not like it used to be & it's not healthy for us! If anything, it's linked to many, many common health problems. You can learn more by reading 'Wheat Belly'.
    I did! I'm 22 yrs old, 5'8"& currently weigh 123lbs…& after just simply cutting "wheat" out of my diet (NOT EASY!!!), I've effortlessly lost 20lbs… (was about 140lbs).

  • SadeShadz

    #28 wow!:)

    #9 Is it true you can't get abs unless you work out your entire body? Nice post!

    • ceej

      yup! you can't train one muscle group alone. you have to train its counterpart (ie: back & abs) to balance the strength and condition your entire body as a whole. I'm sure someone can expand on this better:) and eat clean and healthy!

      • SadeShadz

        Oh, ok! Thanks!

        • BryanB

          I think what you might be referring to is body fat composition in that you cannot "spot reduce". Meaning that just doing crunches is not going to give you a six pack, you have to strengthen and enlarge your abdominal muscles and loose total body fat. You can't loose fat in one spot by working out that one spot, loosing total body fat means you are loosing adipose deposition from everywhere in the body which eventually will thin the fat layer overlying the abs enough so that you can see them. Plus the nice thing about working out your entire body is that a lot of free weight exercises activate your core in addition to whatever movement you're doing, you loose weight and strengthen back and abs at the same time. Just remember to add in the cardio.

          • SadeShadz

            Okies, I should look for a good overall work out then:)
            I thought crunches alone could get the job done =/ I'm slim but I wanted to go for tighter abs.

  • chrisdg74

    #3 – Best of luck to you. I dropped 50 lbs in 150 days, so 75 in 365 should be no problem.
    Good luck!

    • http://75lbsin365days.com Donny Skelton

      hey thanks Chris!!! I can not believe I made theberry.com haha now I have some work to do before i submit a picture!! Good job on you losing 50 lbs!!

  • JOHN

    #10 bring me SOLO!

  • Jenny Michele

    #10 FYI.. If you ever need to use your hand as a weapon, this is actually safer than using your fist.

  • amplexus

    I love these motivation posts!

  • Alyssa

    …just finished week one of Insanity, today is my rest day…feeling better already! Love these posts!!!

    • Haleah

      I've been doing Insanity too and it is literally insane. It's the best workout on DVD.

  • samringo

    #16 so lets see a picture of a larger woman

    • soda pop

      HA! girls so anything to make it seem like they should just love themselves no matter what size they are, but they all agree that fatties are gross.

  • Haleah

    #22 Abs are made in the kitchen.

  • Kimmy

    #2 So how come my stupid tattoo doesn't disappear?

  • Rita

    #9 fat free milk? srsly? what a bullshit

  • http://healthbliss.tumblr.com Healthbliss

    #14 is from healthbliss.tumblr.com it's on the bottom if you tilt your screen up.:) I know cause I made it.

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