• Tali

    ❤ #25!

  • Katie

    #3 #20 #21 I don't get the 1980's mom jeans waist thing

    • Katie

      Or maybe I don't like that their shirts are tucked in..

  • ChelseaRules

    Come On, Summer!

  • ChelseaRules

    #23 Someone raided Tobias Funke's closet!

  • Trent

    All these pictures were taken from the wrong side.

  • Bruce Gilbert

    Greetings! Are there 'naysayers' in the 'letters' column? Shouldn't be — these are beautiful girls and terrifc shorts. And the finest denim shorts gallery I've seen thus far. Thanks you!!! BG

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  • Patricia

    It’s great to see that appreciation of a place pltroeace to the top. A similar thing happens/happened? in my case, except that it started out with me missing the things I liked about the previous place, and thinking that the new place was inferior. But after about a year I had found a bunch of other things that were unique to the new place, and I’d get all happy about those. That pattern has sort of reversed in that I’ve been really excited about new places for a year or two, but then start to feel trapped or something. Time for a change! For instance, I was pretty happy to leave London for a place with accessible countryside and better housing.

  • Laur

    Where is the sweater from 6 from?! It's stunning

  • http://brower Jemina

    Mmmmm only 15 is nice to me de rest isn’t ayoba for me ,is like am goin 2 clean swimming pool in my grany’s place.

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