• Katie

    #17 That is talent right there

  • Shar11

    they are sooo cute!❤

  • ilmill

    I want one right meow!

  • CherrySoda08

    As cute as they are, those things look like they could mess you UP! The claws on 'em…

    • Rabidcake

      oooh yeah they can. you should hear the males growl at each other too, sooo creepy!

  • Krystal

    The life of a koala must be REAL nice…

  • nayala

    #17 i really want to hug one now.

  • recoiled

    where was Mitch in this? All koalas and no infestation joke!

  • Colleen

    It is the best thing about living in Australia, I have a reserve down the road where you can give them a cuddle

  • Liesbeth

    THANK YOU! I love koalas and this post made my day😀

  • Katherine

    You missed an absolutely adorable picture of Colin Morgan with a koala, just so ya know.
    These were so cute though, thank you.

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