• Jules

    Oh my goodness, I love big dog yawns!

  • ale

    that´s me in the morning…:)

  • lani_berry

    Love it! My Dane makes a lot of noise with his yawns, too. MOAR DANES, PLZ!

    • Sylla

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  • nayala

    big doggieee! so cute!

  • technodoll

    that poor dog needs traction, growing puppies (specially giant breeds) can seriously pull a ligament with all that sliding around. sad to see a dog struggling so much to get up.

    • Lolol ok

      Your ducking stupid!

      • technodoll

        and you need to take grammar lessons, genius.

  • Dinks

    It's so lovely to see a dane without its ears butchered into a point by plastic surgery, Beautiful :o)

    • Furdup

      Tatally agree, My Jack has beautiful floppy ears

  • Swayze

    That means the dog has hip problems. That's not funny at all. Hip dysplasia judging how the legs are to the side and the slippery floors aren't helping. Way to go.

  • Anggie

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