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  • Skye

    #15 – Italy to do a wine and food tour; and the Yukon in Canada to see the wildlife, aurora and the mountains.
    Oooh, #39, aren't you sponge-worthy!

    • Ashley

      I agree about #39 definitely sponge worthy

  • TiaP

    #15 Before we had our first kid, my husband and I traveled across the country (US) four times. It was amazing. Now, if we ever picked up and went somewhere, it would be to relocate our three kids somewhere…. where? I have no idea. We'll probably do what we did before. Pack up and start driving… we'll end up somewhere eventually.

  • doerte

    #15 Arizona, because that's where my man is. But I guess I'd follow him anywhere.

  • Dan Janssens

    #29 Bravo
    #34 In Belgium you have better safety regulations in tourist busses, you can buckle up.
    Sadely if accidents happen it is not enough as we had an accident with belgian children 2 weeks ago in Switzerland and 22 died and 6 adults.

  • Jewels

    #15 Everywhere and Anywhere I haven't been…which is a lot of places

  • dreamer

    the answer to #15 is: three pics above :)) #12

  • manders

    #15 I would definitely go to Australia. I've been there once before and loved it. and #29 could not agree more. Fuck cancer and keep fighting! You are a beautiful :)

  • ale

    #15 New York, Paris or London… I´ll be super happy. But more likely Japan, is my dream.

  • Candice

    #15 … To Ireland, where my boyfriend has been for 7 months. <3 But I"ll be going there in 2 months anyways…so I count down. =)

  • Wisconsinette

    #15 – First, home to the USA, then Ireland, and then back to my second home and first love: Germany

  • laguera

    #15 Brazil

  • Lola

    #15 Germany :) hands down

  • Shawn

    #29 You're right…We can now add the been there done that to the each of our lists.

  • Colleen

    #15 The Netherlands cause that is where all my favourite music comes from.
    More people should here.. to Australia!

  • Kimmy B

    #29, you are the woMAN!!! Still georgus and smiling! You go girl!

  • Anonymous


    The scruff and the eyes and the eyebrows… melttttttttttttting over here

  • Amy

    #15 Maben Mississippi :) I am in Asia 8700 miles away from my man.

  • Guest

    #15 The UK

    With everything that happened last year (just… just so much hurt) I find myself creating a fictional world in my mind where I go visit The UK for a month or so and visit all the places I've heard about with a fun young couple I meet there who introduce me to their single friend and we hit it off… and maybe I never return. I've never wanted or needed a vacation more than ever before in my life. I need help.

  • Balorati

    #7 YES PLEASE!

  • Tiffany

    15. I would go to Alaska or Canada

  • Naomi

    #15 Portland Maine to visit my family for the first time in 5 years.<3

  • Randa

    #15 My favorite beach in St. Pete. Gah, it's probably beautiful, and I won't see it at all this year. :c

  • mlynn

    Who is #39? delicious!!!!

  • Kelly

    #15 huge trip around Europe!

  • Theresa

    #15 Zum Deutschland!

  • @InChiaroscuro

    #15 I just came from my first trip to Miami this past Friday after competing on American Ninja Warrior :-D and I leave next Friday for my first trip to London and Paris, but I think after I come back the next place I plan a trip to will be Portugal. My boyfriend and I have been talking about moving there for pretty much the entirety of our relationship.

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