• BMerce33

    Yeah… I'm gonna have to go to ALL THE PLACES

  • Cecil

    A few of these nearly made me weep. I am so tired of living in the desert. Anyone up for a roadtrip?

  • ale

    anywhere but away from this office…

  • Skye

    Awesome. As the freezing rain hits the tin roof this afternoon, I dream of #38

  • http://twitter.com/laurentaryn @laurentaryn

    Sigh. Seeing this whilst in Evidence class (though the class is actually interesting) just makes me want to get up and go places.

  • nayala

    these places just look so warm and cozy. i love it. must leavee noww!!!

  • Mch

    I believe #11 is Rovinj, Croatia, #14 is Amsterdam, # 17 and # 37 are Paris.

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