Celebs – airbrush = twitter pics (16 photos)

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  • Panigale

    Challenge: Find jay leno in public without his denim on. (Award shows and banquets do not apply)

  • soda pop

    #6…..Christine is looking more and more like a blonde Snooki….

    • Maren

      It looks like she has track marks on her arm :S

    • arwen

      I know!! Every time I watch the voice I can't get over it.

  • soda pop

    In other news…..Ashley Greene looks insanely beautiful airbrush or no airbrush……

    • Dan

      I'd have to disagree. She's 25 years old, yet wouldn't look out of place among the desperate housewives cast. She is clearly one of the young hollywood 'crew' that choose body over face. Extreme diet and excerise are costing her dearly. I dare say she hasn't actually eaten a cookie in years. The Michael Jackson nose job doesn't help.

      • arwen

        I don't know if I think she's had surgery, but she is a bit sickly looking. I just don't see anything special, she kind of just looks like a regular girl.

        • soda pop

          Maybe in that pic…..but when she get's all girled up, she looks AMAZING…….

  • Anonymous

    #12 awwwhhh!! they’re so cute!

  • SomeGirl

    #7 I want them to be a couple in real life AND on New Girl!! They look so adorable here!!

    • arwen

      Really? I find his character very annoying. I can only force myself to watch the show for Zooey, and maybe Schmidt.

      • Brandi

        Lol I love Schmidt!!

    • laguera

      I think he's married=(

  • tomato

    #4 so classy

  • Kari

    #11 … what does she not understand about duckface? Why MUST she keep doing it?

  • angela

    Seriously, Kim… duckface?? I for one am not a fan of the Kardashians, and I can't wait until I can stop seeing them EVERYWHERE

  • chrisdg74

    #11 MUST we keep showing them?

  • doglover1967

    I think you made a mistake. #11 should have been in the douchebag thread…

  • RandomTask09

    #16: Are they dating? Is this the new power couple??

  • Shan Mon

    #11 For once it's not a picture of JUST her duck face. She loves herself WAY too much.

  • jay

    #11, that's Kendall, not Kylie.

  • winterbird

    why is jay leno always wearing canadian tuxedo

  • laguera


  • laguera

    #11 #13 No me gusta.

  • D.J.

    #5 Did Joey Lawrence join the Hair Club for Men? I could have swore he had lost his hair.

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    #4 i agree with the girl on the right……. i would give that no talent bitch the finger too

  • SadeShadz

    #15 Cute!

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