Don’t fall into the DOUCHEBAG trap (25 photos)


Click HERE for sunless tanner FAILS!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure some of these people are jerks, but I bet some of them are pretty cool, or funny or whatever. It’s pretty crappy to post a gallery assuming all these people are worthy of ridicule just based on appearances.

  • Carro

    #25 Is cute! <3

  • Babekake

    someone has been on thedirty lol

  • allison

    #3 Learn how to lift weights. Douche!

  • Devon

    #11 They don't see the irony.

  • Krysta

    # 23 kinda looks like a douchey joseph gordon levitt

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  • k2s

    I'm 99% sure #23 is someone I used to work with who is a TOTAL scumbag! This just made my day!

  • loyal chivette

    #25 not a douche! Would love to meet! Ha

  • Megz

    I'm glad you included girls in this gallery, bitches can be douches too

  • DawnAngel

    I think # 25 is really hot <3

  • Dalveer

    Such a charming name for an acttak on a madman. If I recall there was no madman in Odysseus’s story, maybe a cyclop. Jokes aside why does US even acttak Lybia? Aren’t they able to kill themselves just fine even without our help? What if we helped them with food, money, you know HELP?DavidDavid recently posted..

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