• marilovegr33n

    wow!!! my fav color too!!!! xxx http://ilovegreeninspiration.wordpress.com/2012/0

  • Tan

    anyone in Canada know where I can get some mint jeans that aren't very expensive??

    • arwen

      It's really in this season, I'm sure H&M and Forever 21 will be carrying them around this time, I'd keep checking in. I also noticed Bluenotes had a lot of coloured jeans, possibly Sirens.

  • meeeee

    #13 ooohhh very pretty

  • Kay

    Omg I NEED/REALLY WANT #26❤ LOVE!!!!

  • ssss9999

    I want it all!

  • Erika

    I want #1!! Where is it?

    • Eileen

      Where is it? Love mint too! So clean and chic!

  • Chivette

    #26 BERRY. You Neeeed to find out where this dress can be bought. My birthday is the 15th of april..this need to be my dress! Pleaseee:)

  • thevanitydiary

    #12 #15 Love it!

  • margaret

    i always love your posts and this one is no different…except for one thing
    #12 can we work towards getting these off of the planet?!?! if anyone likes them thats cool, but i just happen to think they're the ugliest fucking things ever

  • arwen

    THANK YOU! I have been obsessed with mint and coral lately but am yet to grab any really brilliant pieces. Want everything!

  • mdot

    I didnt realize till right now my closet needed a mint blazer. #17

  • snugglebug

    too much blue! mint is green

  • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

    #21, I have those shoes.

  • ChangingWays

    #12 ooh
    #15 aah

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  • http://www.photoblogpraphyy.blogspot.com Eszter


    I featured your post about mint dresses and accessories in my blog, here: http://photoblographyy.blogspot.ro/2012/08/mint-i
    Hope it is okay!

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