• Meg
  • RandomTask09

    #27 and #28: I like how these two pics are next to each other. Kudos Berry (Alex).

  • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

    Love #27 and #37 so much.

  • PicklesMcGee

    #49 50's were the best IMO

    • Hepburn3


  • http://mission170.blogspot.com Martyn

    Point of order on #49: You'd struggle to find Gene Kelly with hair like that, and I don't remember him being PrincESS of Monaco.

    GRACE Kelly on the other hand… different story.

  • kirinjirafa

    #50 I wandered lonely as a cloud…

  • Kenny

    Definitely doggy-style with the lights on!!!

    • Jenny Michele

      I think those dwarves would be kind of distracting.

  • Susan


  • Kristen


    • Katie

      My first thought is – why would you cut a hole is such a big diamond

  • mcs


    • arwen

      Can we find him, please? I NEED MOAR.

  • ajay

    #49 where are all the people of color?

    • Hepburn3

      Hey its a very fair question to ask.
      What I do not understand though and makes me very sad are the negative thumbs down for your asking this.

    • jbriz

      Well there's Snooki and Nikki Minaj… As you can see, women of color are very well represented.

      • jbriz

        I am kidding by the way. Just thought I'd point that out before anyone thinks I'm being serious.

  • Jsurm75

    love #37 It seems like its impossible to find a normal down to earth girl anymore who doesn't care about glitz and glam

    • Lindsey

      a beer, hotdog, and a ballgame is all it takes for this chivette:)

      • LuckyVu13

        Nice too know there are other women like me out there! KCCO!!!

    • jbriz

      And here I was thinking it was impossible to find a normal down to earth guy that isn't looking for a a fake barbie. I guess we've all been living a lie. I am really glad there are guys like you out there.

      • Jsurm75

        well one thing I've learned is that looks get old, personality never does.

  • Abbey

    #22 Men of the world, listen to Jon Hamm !!!

    • Soda Pop


    • Theresa

      True story

  • http://twitter.com/moeaubrey @moeaubrey

    #15 — Hey Canada, Call me😉

  • aciekay

    #36 i must return to london. #37 true story. #53 ehhh. personally, i don't care for it.

  • sure

    My boyfriend is a complete nerd; video games, pokemon, magic the gathering – you name it. but i think it is the sexiest thing ever!
    #24 #26 sooo adorable!!!!!!

  • thatskiinggirl

    wow #15 wow

  • lola

    Wait, #3 …is that deadpool? Did I miss something?

  • becky

    #53 Bulky. It's like wearing a plastic toy ring. Uncomfortable. Along with heavy.

    • Jenny Michele

      Yep.. and y'know.. you can't exactly get the size on that thing adjusted..

  • Soda Pop

    #37…..true to the third degree.

  • SomeGirl

    #15 And this is why I love being Canadian. Wonder where in Canada this gorgeous man is from?

    • kyle_chiver

      Peterborough, Ontario

  • Seldi84

    #2 #3 awesome.

  • Novalee531


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