Sunday brunch (60 photos)

Hi berries!
Apologize for the late Sunday Brunch today. My fiance Brian and I had quite the surprise on Friday night. Our friends and family came in from all over the US (including my older brothers, John and Leo from theCHIVE, all the way from Venice Beach, CA!) to help us celebrate our engagement. We were shocked and excited to find everyone at our favorite bar when we got there. Needless to say, play time was in order all weekend with everyone! Without further ado, here's SB, one of my favorite posts on the site:)
Much love,

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  • PA Chivette

    Congratulations on your engagement, Emily!!!

  • Katie

    #13 is so true

  • *--*

    #49 & #50 Backwards hat disease…usually paired with Sagass pants syndrome. Both pathetic ''fashion'' statements.

  • Erica

    #29 I don't usually like these silly pics of overly happy couples that probably aren't even together but this is beautiful

  • Hoa Beckwith

    Apologize for the late Sunday Brunch today.

  • Debi Dowd

    But I have a feeling your wedding weekend will top it. Enjoy!!

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