• Heather

    makes me feel like i'm useless! way to go, Lady!

  • Ro.H

    Get rid of the advertisements before the videos, please!

    • JOHN

      shut the hell up. Do you really think they do this for free?

  • Ahsoki

    If I am that graceful at that age it will be a miracle

    • BPRugger

      If I were that graceful now it would be a miracle

  • Anonymous

    That is iNSANELY impressive

  • Kate

    That is INSANELY impressive

  • *--*

    The only time I do moves like that is on a Saturday night after too many Margaritta's and I'm trying to get up off the floor!!

  • http://www.wichitaflowers.info/ Lizbeth Fogle

    The entire episode airs today

  • http://www.santaanaflowers.info/ Shalonda Gentile

    I'm trying to get up off the floor!!

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