• Shar11

    definitely not aging good

  • Ro.H

    What's up with the 30 second advertisements? Definitely a thumbs down, Berry!

    • Soda Pop

      I agree!

    • Pedro

      So I guess you think they don't need to make a living? idiots

  • lovebeingachivette

    that is so gross.

  • Katie

    Using bad pictures of someone is not the same thing as aging badly. Obviously she has had some issues but she really is not aging badly. You can't tell me she doesn't look like a normally aged 25 year old in this picture (March 2012) <img src="http://i40.tinypic.com/1hvz4n.jpg&quot; alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic" border="0">

    • Haleah

      I think when she finally lays off whatever she was doing her face will slim back down and she'll look somewhat like she did before. Also hopefully she will stay away from cosmetic fillers and surgery.

      • Katie

        I actually think her face might be more plump because she has kept off the drugs. I also think she should go back to her red hair!

    • XOXO

      She's starting to look better than she has in years. I wouldn't consider her face "plump" just b/c she's no longer skeletal thin. I think she looks healthy in that March 2012 picture not skanny skinny anymore.

    • missb

      that shit isn't normal. And she looks like she has had work done on her face…especially the cheekbones.

    • Joanna

      I just turned 26, i'd suicide if i looked like that!! And come on! She's got tons of make up on this pic, but not even that can cover up the ridiculous crap she's done to her face!

    • jenner1185

      She doesn't look bad by any means, but you can definitely tell she's aged faster than normal. Smoking and drugs will dehydrate you skin really fast and prematurely age you. I feel bad for her because so many people are focusing on her looks and not the fact that she is supposedly clean now. It's just sad. That is why I would never want to be a celebrity.

    • Bali

      She does NOT look like a normal 25 year old there. I am 25, as are most of my friends, and I assure you that this woman looks at least 30 in that photo, and that is being kind. She has bags and lines under her eyes, and her smile is forming deep creases between her cheeks and mouth– those creases are normal, but usually don't look like that until someone is in their 30s. Plus, it is pretty obvious that her makeup and hair is hiding other creases.

  • Melina

    Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

    • Soda Pop

      That's meth right there….

  • Soda Pop

    Ouch…..and this is why you don't do Meth kids…..she sure got real ugly real quick……however, who the hell had time to sit down and put this together?

  • Soda Pop

    But very funny

  • 36524

    She dealt with steroid abuse, I guess? That almost always makes the face fat and bloated.

  • me1

    Yikes! Scary…

  • Kate

    Hahaha I liked the music that went with this.

  • Amanda

    That was scary!

  • IShldBWorking

    That's just wrong! lol… I think I peeded a little!

  • Rachel

    that demonic music creeped me out!

  • Shan Mon

    They aren't just "bad pictures" sweet heart – this is what years of heavy drug abuse, alcohol, tanning, and smoking does. IT AINT ROCKET SCIENCE! I think stars even older than her look infinitely better. Lilo will never learn her lessons and probably end up just like Whitney. (JUST SAYING!)

  • Kristen

    Watching her eyes is painful for me. Sad.

  • http://mydatingadvicefree.com/how-to-have-an-affair-2 Ardith Schulte

    I think she looks healthy in that March 2012 picture not skanny skinny anymore.

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