• MrCoffeeman

    Meh…. Why always trying to look for slight imperfection when you can enjoy overall greatness.

    • Caity

      I agree, I'll bet some of these "mistakes" are easily explainable– like the "gap" in the handrail probably appear different because of the different angles at which the scenes were captured. Also, who cares? I'm pretty sure Cameron didn't market Titanic as "The Most Accurate Movie EVER"

      • SadeShadz

        Agreed! -__-

    • ChelseaRules

      Still a better job than I could have done.

  • HarleyQuinn

    #6 they would have been lowering the lifeboat so it hits the water flat, not a goof.

    • Katie

      Plus it really isn't hanging 100% vertically anyway

  • Jade

    #2 Also not a goof. Long shadows are characteristic of a sunset or sunrise.

  • Susan

    #4 looks like a dude in a wig.

  • Katherine

    #10, a lot of that stuff probably wasn't fixed to the deck and rolled off during that scene when the boat was rising into the air and everyone/everything was rolling off. )-:

  • Soulfire

    Someone has too much time on their hands.

  • angela

    the life boat is not vertical.. its horizontal in that pic…

  • Jules-CO

    Not really related to post…But I watched Burlesque last night and kept noticing that Jack's tattoo on his arm kept switching sides…. Most noticible when they kiss at the end.

  • mimi

    who the hell finds this these things?? picking on every little detail. annoying!

  • Trent

    Also, if you look really closely, you will notice that is not the real Titanic sinking.

  • Erica

    Someone tell me why i was singing my heart will go on the whole time i looked at this post…

  • Jessa

    #7 isn't a goof. things appear different sizes at different distances.

  • neffy h

    Also to number 10,

    Nothing dissapeared. The ship did not break in the same area in those two pictures. The first picture shows the area between the first and second funnel. The ship broke in the movie between the third and fourth funnel. Therefore there was no mistake

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