HMOTB of the week: Tyler Gauchier (17 photos)

Hi Berries! This is our very first HMOTB of the Week, Tyler_G. He's been sending in photos over the past year and y'all have loved every one of them. He's such a sweet guy that has been through a lot. I'll let him take it from here…

My name is Tyler Gauchier, I was born in Edmonton Alberta, I was raised in a tiny hamlet called Marlboro, which is full of independent Aboriginal/First Nation people such as myself. In the Spring of 2009, I got devastating news that changed my life: I developed a bone tumor within my right humerus. No cancer could be found after a biopsy and several tests. I went on to have that humerus removed and I had it replaced with a light plastic that's enforced by titanium, my right shoulder has been replaced with titanium too. After staying in the hospital for ten days and recovering at home for over a month, I went in for a check up only to learn that there was cancer found within my bone tumor upon much further inspection. I was shocked and heartbroken, but a confidence grew after my first visit to the Alberta Cross Cancer Clinic in Edmonton and I learned what was to come ahead of me in steps. All I had to do was get through the first step and I did so, with the help of my family and friends, the patients I've roomed with, many of them terminal. I will never forget the doctors and nurses, I owe them my life.

I did chemo for a month and a half, it kept me in the cancer clinic for a week as I had to come in every to stay every 1-2 weeks. I began radiation for two months after that, that left me with terrible burns by the end of my treatments. I continued chemotherapy successfully until March of 2010 when my blood developed bacteria that it couldn't fight off, due to my weakness from so much chemo. It kept me in the hospital for nearly two straight months. I couldn't eat, talk, walk and it was a lot of work to go to the bathroom. I was grateful that it couldn't get any worse, but it wasn't going to be better any time soon. I was feeling so low and I always questioned what it felt like to lead a normal life, to be healthy again. Until I childhood hero of mine (Saku Koivu of the Anaheim Ducks pictured below) wanted to meet me.

As I was finishing my chemo treatments, I began walking 45 minutes every couple days, that became an hour and a half every day within a month. I did another month of walking until I developed enough strength to work out. I lifted weights, jogged half an hour and rode the exercise bike within a six day rotation for six months. I was back in my normal shape by then and I received great news that Christmas of 2010: After finishing chemo on May 28, my cancer is in remission and has been since.

Like all diseases, my future with my remission is still uncertain, but that's the very last thing on my mind and if I have to face it again; it will be with a smile on my face, as I know I will kick cancer's ass, inspire many and motivate myself for future challenges as I live on forever more.

A big thank you the the Berries for their loving words and support, they really make my day. They're kind, loving and wonderful as they are beautiful. 🙂 ❤


Tyler! We can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and photos. You are such a positive person… we can truly benefit from your words.
All the best,
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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