• ...

    #5 Making me crave pizza at 9 am is not cool!
    #15 I love this…so pretty!
    #27 Hells yeah!

  • JCool

    #27 Definitly!

  • SadeShadz

    #35 WIN!!!!

  • thaomeow

    #39 It's like theBerry stalks me or something… First the Jackass crew, and now Henry Cavill! I just watched Immortal over the weekend and I immediately fell in love with him, haha. He has one nice body… can we get a post on him? 😉

    • SomeGirl

      Have you watched The Tudors?? Him and Johnathan Rhys Myers in that is some SERIOUS eye candy. LOVE it!

    • tomato

      Yes- PLEASE an afternoon eye candy of henry cavill?? also, watch blood creek for some shirtless cavill. it's a weird movie, but he's super hot in it:)

  • Shan Mon

    #27 Story of my life.

  • Lauren

    #6 – very sweet, but not shakespeare

    • ChelseaRules

      Very good! It's actually poet, novelist, journalist, and composer Arrigo Boito. He's actually most famous for his operas.

  • Lisa

    #25: OR you could charge your iPhone with the wall charger. And not look like Hannibal Lecter.

  • http://twitter.com/laurentaryn @laurentaryn

    #28 Who is this?

    • greentomato

      it's Daniel Henney..hot..isn't he?

  • Katie

    How could anyone actually sleep with that one their face anyway, I know I couldn't.

  • DrunkGirl

    #19 oh charlie how i adore thee

    • Austriangirl

      Charlieissocoollike❤ loovel

    • Pooki3

      I must have stared at this laughing for 10 minutes. Way to go Berry,you always know how to make a sick girl feel better!

  • meeeee

    #6 ugh. I'm sick of seeing "quotes" that arent by the person it says it is!! I mean seriously people… that doesnt even sound like Shakespeare! (quote is from a poet named Arrigo Boito btw)

  • Soda Pop

    #37…..fuckin excellent.,

  • jesca84

    #34 so cute

  • Seldi84

    #25 That cannot be real

  • juls

    #39 Are those handcuffs? ":)

  • ProductOf85

    You can always tell when yal are hungry putting these together lol.

  • laguera

    #25 WTH???

  • http://paradiseofflowers.com Hong Omalley

    I immediately fell in love with him, haha. He has one nice body… can we get a post on him?

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