• Araliya

    Died and gone to heaven. Though I do prefer T.O.P over Taeyang😛

    • wendy

      Yes please do a TOP post!

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      • http://twitter.com/ZoloftZombies @ZoloftZombies

        • http://twitter.com/ZoloftZombies @ZoloftZombies

          The poll feature doesn't work, dang it!

  • kirah

    who is and where did that gorgeous thing come from:) my my my …..how nice

  • Mallory

    #6 HOLY BUFF.

  • SadeShadz

    #17 Yum!

  • Dracis

    I nearly chocked on my nutella sandwich when I saw Taeyang's post. I'm so glad he's getting recognition. Now if only the rest of Big Bang can get a post.

    • Dracis


  • Bea

    I seriously fell out of chair when I saw this post…I love bigbang and dong youngbae is a total dream boat….

  • Ashley

    Nichkhun Next!!!!!!!!

  • wendy
  • Ele

    Hallelujah Berry!

    First the Tom Hardy post and now Taeyang…you're on a roll…a sweet, delicious, luscious lipped, Korean roll of sweat dripping down those perfect abs…uh excuse me i need a moment

  • Skye

    He's a cutie, although maybe slightly full of himself in some of those shots, but #11 looks natural, that's how I like him the best!

    • nina

      no worries! the other photos are mainly concept photos for magazines and albums. He's a regular cutie:)

  • https://www.facebook.com/i.LUV.starz87?ref=tn_tnmn Buffy87

    He's such a hottie but I could do without the spikey hair. A lil too over the top for my liking but overall total yumminess!

    • ninsa

      you know what. i have not seen his hair down since his early days when he had cornrows lol.

  • Suz129

    How is it possible that I've never heard of this guy?

    • Vanessa

      I love Big Bang more than anything❤

  • Hepburn3

    very nice!

  • Imelda

    We want T.O.P.!!!!

  • RHC

    TOP!? psshhht… Taeyang FTW!!!

  • artistsgottaart

    ヽ(^o^)丿 THANK YOUUUU for posting another one of my boyfriends!!!❤ And yes, a T.O.P. post would be much appreciated!

  • Vanessa


  • chiidragon

    please please have a T.O.P post >.< YB+TOP IS….HOT MEN!

  • Michelle

    I googled him, all I can say is AMAZING!

  • banger

    ❤ taeyang … Next Be Rain!!

  • LaLa

    Just give me entire BIGBANG

  • Deedee
  • rocklesson86

    He is not doing it for me. I am sorry.

  • Chau

    Taeyang —–> Wedding Dress
    nuff said.

  • nayala

    oooo he's cuuute! looks like KevJumba! lol

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