• tomato

    and now i want to go shopping… love #14 and #15

  • A Nonny Mouse

    #6 – i want this so badly!

  • Hannah J

    Buy all the clothes! I wish I knew where half these items came from…

    • http://www.findmyparade.com PoolaC

      #27 is from inlovewithfashion.com

  • http://twitter.com/InChiaroscuro @InChiaroscuro

    #18 #20 #26 DO WANT.

  • lani_berry

    #34 Favorite!!! I wish I had money to go shopping.😦

  • sassygurl129

    you know what i thought when i saw this thread? was that it's not so much trading wardrobes but more trading bodies. when you are size 0-2 you look good in just about anything and everthing.

  • Jane

    Anyone know where i can buy/find #21 ?

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