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  • Seldi84

    #19 Yeah, but he did it with style.
    #20 Just one more pointless skill to add to my arsenal.
    #28 Made me laugh harder than it should.

  • foowa

    the whole chair should be tetris themed not just the storage on the sides . maybe the cushion can be formed into tetris shapes. or throw pillows.

    • Beth

      thanks for the feedback! I love the idea of the shaped throw cushions, may look into it :)

  • lani_berry

    #4 I would totally love to have something like that! It's so charming! Keep up the great work, and remember that not everyone has similar taste. "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

    • Beth D

      thank you!! :)

  • Hannah

    #4 great concept! I would totally buy it, as long as it had big comfy cushions! Maybe a foot stool, too? Or big enough to curl up in :) great idea!

    • Beth

      thanks for the feedback! i've made it wide enough to sit cross-legged in, so it's supposed to be pretty comfortable for lounging :)

  • Donnie

    #39 THIS weak, selfish piece of shit shouldn't even be on this post. NIRVANA SUCKS!
    Zero sympathies for suicide.

  • random

    #4, i'd totally get it

  • Martyn

    #20 may be a pointless talent to some of you, but my grandfather was a typesetter/compositor for our local paper for over 40 years. This is back in the days before they had desktop publishing and everything was ready laid-out and all you had to do was press print. The paper had to be printed letter by letter, block by block. Each letter was on the block backwards because that's how you get it to print normally. Believe me, when you had to do 64 pages of broadsheet at 4am 6 days a week, you got incredibly good at reading backwards.

  • Lis

    #4 this is awesome and I would totally buy one! Don't let The Man get you down!

  • errynoel

    #13 Sadly I don't live in Calgary but great smile. KCCO

  • Sarah


    Toronto's a great city, we'll miss you (it's unfortunate you didn't need anyone to show you around here ;) )

    • mat kavanagh

      haha, shame! born and raised here, sorry!

  • gretagravel


  • DesertLorelei

    #4: If it's comfortable–which I can't tell from the photo–and geekily awesome–which I CAN tell from the photo–then go for it! :D

  • joanna

    #13 damn…i'm from toronto, but my brother lives in calgary…maybe if i visit him you can show me around ;)

    • mat kavanagh

      Haha, well, let me know!

  • Kimmy

    #17 Dogs Rule!!!

  • boxergirl

    #13 Calgary gets another hottie! Too bad I live in Ottawa!

    • mat kavanagh

      Haha, I'm flattered, thanks. Enjoy a winter on the Rideau for me!

  • MeganC12

    I'm looking to move to Calgary in mid-July, maybe you can show me around. Best of luck, see you there !

    • mat kavanagh

      I should have a decent knowledge of the City by then, contact me and I'll see what I can do! (fbook/twit are under the picture on the main page)

  • Sophie

    #4 is genius! It looks like you've designed it in a way which means there is loads of space to store things, which is great. I think your teachers wrong and I would buy this without a second thought.

  • mat kavanagh

    haha thanks! Will do

  • Beth

    #4 thank you guys for the feedback! thank you berry for featuring!!
    i'm actually using everyone's feedback during the manufacturing so i know it will definitely be appealing! absolutely chuffed with the support, you guys have got me motivated again :)

  • Lisa

    #13 I'm in Edmonton, not Calgary, but lemme know if you ever take a trip up here! You're gorgeous! Good luck with the move and all that!! :)

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