Odd products: Can’t tell if weird or genius (31 photos)


You decide...

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    all i know is that this thing is genius

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    It'd probably be helpful since I lose my keys all the time.

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    Odd products: Can’t tell if weird or genius

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    Si recuerdan este tema también fue popularizado en Latinoamérica por el grupo DLG.

  • Suri

    I have #7. I can't bring myself to eat the candy coins.

  • http://www.home-security-plus.com/security-monitoring-services/video-verified-monitoring.html Shante Seward

    I'm Mexican and this is very popular, it's eaten on tostadas with Tapatio…….. barf! It looks like people are eating the formaldehyde creatures from a bio lab!!!!

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    You will still know based purely on the type of content you’re about to drop.

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