Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (30 photos)


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  • Wisconsinette

    Ladies, ladies… Stop wishing your guy would wear these things! Just go to Europe! Here, the men dress like this all the time (most of them, anyway!). ;-)

    • A Nonny Mouse

      i am clearly in the wrong part of europe…

  • Ryan

    Again….misnomer. The title should be: People I wish my boyfriend was….

    that is so much more honest….

    and #12, only a few people can pull off these hats. I am guessing you boyfriend is not one of them….

    • Angie

      so true! i definitely looked at how good looking they all were, not remembering ANYTHING they were wearing!

  • Brad

    #25 are slick!

  • A Nonny Mouse

    any of these men can wear me like a necklace.

  • Amy

    I would much rather my boyfriend be straight. Nothing sexier than jeans and a t-shirt (or less!)

    • @sickdog1674

      thank you

  • ANder

    #21 #26 DAFUQ? Who would wear shorts like these?

    • Coribeth

      My thoughts exactly. Stuff I hope my boyfriend will never wear.

  • SadeShadz

    #13 #13 #13 #13 ♥

  • Art

    #8 #9 #23 #28 This whole cuffed, highwater pants thing has really gotta stop

  • tomato

    #17 needs an iron

  • Mehmber

    Fuck these guys and their awesome model hair.

  • Kimmy

    #6 Are you sure this isn't just a homeless guy?

  • Strega

    I hate skinny jeans for men, no men should wear them. They look stupid as if they could't find the right leg lenght!!!and what's the deal with wearing 7 shirts, a vest and a jacket???

  • Moo Boo

    What an awful post!!! Most of these outfits are pretty bad… and I'm pretty sure #20 is a girl.

  • arwen

    #24 Find him!

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