Friends with benefits

14 Friends with benefits

tmz Friends with benefits Kim Kardashian — I’m LOVIN” Kanye’s New Song About Me (above)
the frisky Friends with benefits Hair Dos & Don’ts: Good Crazy Color Vs. Bad Crazy Color (pics)
college candy Friends with benefits This Friday Video Wants A Grapefruit Soda (video)
evil beet gossip Friends with benefits Jesse James: Still A Douchebag?
imnotobsessed Friends with benefits Rumor: Lamar Odom Ready To Quit “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”
buzzfeed Friends with benefits How Prom Dresses Got So Slutty
starpulse Friends with benefits Fun Facts About ‘Titanic’
d listed1 Friends with benefits Mary J. Blige Is Sorry For This…
omgblog Friends with benefits OMG, she speaks: The Woman Ryan Gosling Saved From Dying
tressugar Friends with benefits Funny Lady Tweets Of The Week
sheknows Friends with benefits Meet The New Real Housewives of New York City
socialite life Friends with benefits Beware Adam Levin, Jennifer Love Hewitt & Her Cleavage Are Coming After You
endless beauty Friends with benefits Top 5 Organic Fashion Lines
fabulous buzz Friends with benefits Jason Mraz 2012 World Tour

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  • Rhuan

    I should have added in ysreetdays post that I believe in using reference material to be accurate about a particular subject. If you want to have a proper representation of say a T-Rex then it would be a good idea to look at one. But I wouldn’t suggest copying it. I would look at it to make sure I’m getting all the proportions correct and try drawing it at a different angle then what I’m seeing in the reference. I would say I usually try to draw from my imagination for most all of my art but sometimes an artist needs to be accurate about how something looks a style of car or an actor or a breed of dog etc. I don’t like to just copy because I feel like a copy machine could do a much better job why go through all the work. But of course you can always make an argument for when using images directly to build a composition can work to. Thanks James for all the great posts your an incredible inspiration!

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