• diamante

    #2 me too.

    • JOHN

      "comes naturally?" I'm sure it consisted of years of bad hairstyles, too much eyeliner, blush, learning how to use concealer (I'm sure there is more but dropping concealer on y'all just exhausted my knowledge base.) All of this probably also occurred in the years devoid of peer pressure like middle school and high school, then relearning that stuff after college. You're probably lucky b/c your learning curve isn't as steep.

      • Pedro

        Being a man is sooooooowwweeeeettt

    • doerte

      that just has nothing to do with feminism.

      • KenniBakes

        Well, if the woman's mother felt that wearing make-up went against her idea of feminism then she would never have supported her daughter wearing it.

    • Jeanne

      You can learn A LOT from the internet – I was absolutely horrendous at applying makeup before I discovered youtube beauty gurus – check out Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss, they're professional makeup artists (unlike many of the self proclaimed beauty "gurus") and easy to understand. Then you can check out the other beauty gurus to see what you like:)

    • giscindy

      My daughter is about as girly girl as they come and I had and still have little aptitude for the feminine arts. She has always managed to be very well turned out despite my lack of tutoring and this was slightly before easy internet access.

  • JOHN

    #1 Me neither!

    • ChelseaRules

      Who does shave their legs in the winter?

      Lemme tell ya, that first shave in the Springtime is surreal. My legs always feel way smoother than they ever had before.

      • Todd_A

        Just to be clear for all of you ladies out there that may read this. To be sure… This is NOT a secret. Trust me. All of us (guys) know this as a FACT. And I, at least, come to expect it. :) Oh, and…. I don't blame you one bit………..

      • bbbbb

        People who live in places like Hawaii. Winter doesn't exists here so I never get an off season for shaving:/

        • ChelseaRules

          That's probably the only reason I wouldn't want to live in Hawaii.

          And it's a pretty dang good reason.

  • Shan Mon

    #1 I dont shave my pits:)

    I said it before and I'll say it again….I MISS THE POST SECRET APP SO MUCH!

  • sleepy_one

    #9…. If you have any sense…you'll leave him. You have my blessing.

    • Janna

      My dad is a pastor and has the same problem…

    • meh

      ALL men watch pornography. Meh

      • sleepy_one

        watching and being addicted are two different things, obviously the wife is uncomfortable with it.

      • France

        This is true. I honestly think the biggest reason married men watch porn is their libido is on a different level than their wives. I think "most" men need more sexual release than "most" women. Porn is a sexual release to most men. They are not falling in love with the random woman on their computer screen. They probably don't see the same woman more than once or twice a year – there is just so much out there to see.

        What I think happens most is the wife feels cheated on and closes down what little sex they were having at the time and it just makes the problem worse.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      # 1, not all men watch porn. I don't, it's against my religious beliefs. And # 2, if your issue is with him watching porn, leaving him is no better……. marriage is about working through problems, not living a problem free life. Wedding vows included the words "for better or WORSE." Everyone always forgets that part.

      It's the Love that keeps the promise people, not the promise that keeps the love……

      • sleepy_one

        i understand the marriage aspect, but he has already left her mentally, especially if he's not working on his issues and is still teaching values to others.

        • TheAutomaticMan

          Just because he watches porn, doesn't mean he has left her mentally. I mean, yes, it is likely. But in all honesty, i was addicted to pornography….. in a bad way, and i sat back and thought about it, it's disrespectful to my wife. I watched porn every single day. I was still sexually attracted to my wife, in every way imaginable. But sat back and realized that if i turned my focus toward my wife instead of other women, not only would it flatter her, but it would improve our marriage. As a man of God, this guy should read the scripture and learn from it. And as his wife, she should help him. Like i said before, marriage is about working through problems TOGETHER. Not waiting on the other person to fix all the stuff that is wrong with them. My wife helped me and we have never been happier.

  • Katie

    #8 Nothing wrong with that:)

  • Irish Ali

    I hear you! I didn't know what bronzer was until my junior year in college!

  • bloomfever2002

    #2 My dad raised me and my sister and my step mom doesnt wear makeup so i had to learn from friends and to this day i still think i am doing it wrong. i am 37.

  • kay

    #1 only if need be

  • karly

    #2 all the way for me…

  • http://twitter.com/rachel_is_epic @rachel_is_epic

    #2 – Couldn't be any truer for me! I've been a tomboy my whole life and I just recently started to try to girl it up a bit. But it never feels authentic…

  • Christy

    Why only 13 secrets/pictures every week!!!!!??????


    #6 U R LOSERS.

  • http://www.dirtyhotproductions.com walter

    #9 awesome!

  • Jade

    Does anyone else feel that way? I constantly feel odd around people of my own ethnicity. Don't get me wrong, I love being who I am but there's an odd ambiance when I have to interact socially. Then again I was always the odd one.

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  • SadeShadz

    #9 *gasp* =/
    #8 Aww

  • http://www.lincolnflowers.info/ IlseSomm

    theBERRY.com your 2nd favorite website in the world behind Facebook.

  • kell

    I gave up sex 4 years ago & don't miss it

  • Kris

    #9 Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous has a solution for him. And S-Anon can help you too. I hope he find his way to a meeting.

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