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    #40 I had to stop and look at this for a minute.

  • Lisa

    #39 It's just peaceful. Beautiful. I imagine heaven is a bit like this.

    #54 The last in the Clan of the Cave Bear series came out recently. I love Ayla so much I named one of my children Kayla. (My other daughter is Lauren, after Laura Ingalls Wilder.) There's something worse than finishing the last in a series. It's finishing the last in a series, and being sorely disappointed in how the author finished it. In my imagination I wrote a real happy ending. Life doesn't always have them, but this is fiction…Auel could have done better.

    #42 Yep, people do forget. {sigh}

    #28 Truth. I'm doing some things right now that, God it seems like it'll take forever to work it all out. But if it was easy to get, it'd be easy to lose. So this'll be my wall paper.

    Thank you Emily. Happy Easter everyone. :)

  • Katherine

    #17 Frybread! Until recently I thought this was a staple at every fair in the country and feel sorry for people who have never tried the amazingness of a frybread taco or one with honey and powdered sugar!

  • madmaecursorla

    #17 Gotta have my lemonade from Corndog On A Stick with my turkey leg!

    • madamecursorla

      Come to think of it, my profile pic is of me on the way home from the fair so I probably had eaten that earlier!

  • Coco

    #22 yo quiero taco bell!

  • iwintehinternetz

    #49 #50😀

    • ObviousTroll

      He did *not* staple water to a tree.

      He stapled a bag to a tree.

  • Karen

    #17 tater pigs at the Western Montana Fair.

  • Kari

    My fiance is a Ron #55 , and #42 is how I feel about him ❤

  • April C.

    #17 Corn dogs and funnel cake!!

  • Mischa

    #17 Deep Fried Oreos! I am so happy there's other people out there who likes these. I get really weird looks every time I mention these to people. They are obviously not living their life until they eat deep fried Oreos. Lol ;D

  • Soda Pop

    Fave Carnival food=funnel cake all the way…..

  • Shan Mon

    #4 I did and I'm doing it!

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    So you’re in class and receive a text (yes, a TEXT) that your boyfriend no longer wants to

  • http://www.norfolkflowers.org/ Anh Mulligan

    it makes me feeling good as a father

  • http://www.tss-radio.com Deb Colburn

    And yet I have never met a Ron in real life. Where are they all hiding??

  • http://www.24x7houstonlocksmith.com/ Leilani Ricketts

    the picture was very nice and god


    I want to live here #40 and #26 with #60 !

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