• http://twitter.com/bwc_baby @bwc_baby

    My mind is blown…

    • Katie

      It's so exact, someone please explain this madness!!!

    • barb

      who is that?

    • maria

      that awkward moment when you find out meme faces are based on actual people

      • http://twitter.com/InChiaroscuro @InChiaroscuro

        Clearly, theBerry needs a meme post to explain memes to people. "You don't say", "We got a badass over here", etc are all based on real pictures. Silly rabbits.

    • Arwen

      knowyourmeme.com will help you all splendidly. The meme was based on a random picture that circulated, and it happened to be of this guy, so now that he is a famous meme he is being a good sport and wearing the shirt of himself as a meme.

  • Frambois

    #19 What a pretty lady

    • Lisa

      Sweet deep V, bro

      • Katie

        Seriously, so deep it doesn't even fit in the picture

  • Soda Pop

    God I miss that rectangle pizza…..

    • Soda Pop

      Oops, #8.

      • Katie

        Best part about being a teacher

    • chelsea chivette

      oh god, so do i

  • Soda Pop

    Is #37 real or is his head photoshopped?

    • Crea

      what d'ya think? :)))

  • SkyeMontreal

    #7 and #39 – NICE way to start my morning! :)

  • cindy

    #14 Ceiling is waaaay too high for a bedroom. Doesn't "feel" warm.

    • Crea


  • Seldi84

    #1 #11 #28 It's like you've read my mind.

  • Bon_nie

    #28 Hate it when that happens!
    Also #7 is yum

  • April C.


    I'm here.

  • jMac

    #39 Soooo handsome!

    • windy

      Yes, indeed. What's his name?

      • Sunny Bombunny

        That's Daniel Dae Kim from "Lost" and "Hawaii Five O".

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #14 Well, no walking around naked in that bedroom…
    #20 Love to run that path!

  • Carro


  • yum

    #23 #24 i wish i had and uncle jesse😉

  • Theresa

    #28 every goddamn time

  • dawww
  • tomato

    #5 cee-lo on the bottom photo??

    • Crea

      don't insult the cat

  • Lyly

    hmmm .. I don't get number 34? Am I being mentally retarded? or is it slightly depressing?

  • sean

    #19 is clearly a woman. I dont care if its a celebrity "man," it is CLEARLY a woman.

  • sweetchivette

    #7 #39 mmmmmm

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