• Annonymouse

    #33 – Office Space!!!!!!!!!

    Can I have my stapler please?

  • trucka

    #19 – we're gonna have moar of him, right? whew …

  • http://www.defective-hip-replacement.com/ Raven Hurtado

    Just thought I would point that out, just in case anyone wanted to change the defualt no/image to their own image (in the external javascript file), to blend in with their own blog colors.

  • Chan

    #36 WOW…I love beards!

  • Soda Pop

    #9…love girls with hair like that….

    • JessieBelle

      Question: How long did your hair have to be to get it to look like that, hun?:) Mine is just past my shoulders, and I wanted to save myself a lot of frustration when I get home tonight and practice that myself! :p

  • Sarah

    #39 This movie is hilarious

  • Lisa

    #36 FOR REAL?

  • berry girl

    #36 wow

  • TiaP

    #6 LOVE IT.

  • Paige

    #36 Mind blown.

  • Seldi84

    #12 Knew it was coming, still laughed like a bastard.
    #33 as a child of the '90's i'd say The Flintstones as an adult watching '90's films i'd say The Usual Suspects.

  • Ele

    Love this movie! Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kleinare hilarious

  • SadeShadz

    #12 Got me! xD

  • Lisa H.

    #19 MOAR PLEASE!!! #32 is so funny….I'm listening to "Heartbeat" by Childish Gambino and that GIF syncs up perfectly with the song hahahahaha awesome.

  • Canton

    #33 My favorite '90s movie? Mr. Holland's Opus, probably. Great memories associated with that one, plus an amazing soundtrack…

  • PicklesMcGee

    oh my gosh that face! #26 so cute:-)

  • Anonymous

    #37 try dollarshaveclub.com – genius people work there.

  • _maxPain_

    I hope they're wearing condoms because I have a dirty mind :)

  • Canton
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