8-year-old has a voice that you wouldn’t believe (video)


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  • Maureen

    She's inspiring and adorable! What a beautiful voice.

  • Joe

    All right, i know i am not supposed to be on Theberry, but you know, i was curious of what my Gf is seeing on this site, and i guess it was the right day for being curious on! This is a very awsome video! :) So now that im here, go on and check the Chive :)

  • pearl

    wow,such a beautiful voice

  • Art

    Holy crap!!

  • Andrea_23

    Holy shitballs!! :o

  • wow!

    When she was talking in the beginning (with her very squeaky voice) I didn't know what to expect, but that girl is absolutely amazing!! GOOSEBUMPS…

  • Agnes


  • http://www.memphisflowers.info/ Salina Dockery

    i was curious of what my Gf is seeing on this site, and i guess

  • caroline willoughby

    Beautiful little girl .. such a talent ..lovely piano player and fabulous singer.
    Please God she has a normal childhood and isnt pushed into appearing in show after show by her pushy greedy parents.

  • maria

    O_O wow

  • http://www.lelandsiding.com/ Fawn Barclay

    great talent.nice

  • JIA

    does anyone knows the name of this girl???

    • Charlotte

      It says in the corner of the vid- Fitri Cerado

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