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    Accessorize yourself with awesome

  • Susan

    #30 like this. Different

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  • random_username

    I love #8 and the lace skirt on #23! Your accesories posts are always beautiful.

  • Arwen

    #3 #8 #28 Need!

  • kelly

    #6 are the shoes i want! i went to 3 differents stores and i can´t find my size!

  • kelly

    sotty! that´s #7 :p

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    […] yourself with awesome! ( The Berry […]

  • Wannamino

    Hi Erika, not sure if you remember me from State Farm, I was alayascwlling or coming in for Michelle. Sorry to hear you left, but if you founda better job that you realy do enjoy and love, then you did the rightthing. I looked at some items on your Website, and they really are veryinterinsting execially the necklace with earings. Can you give me an idealof what you make and charge for each items, I might be interested inhaving you do some croching for me. Didn’t know you were so talented.Great Job, and hope you continue to like being a Forest Ranger, I think thatis so kool.Take CareShirley Sak

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