• Hazel

    #2 – I don't find him attractive at all but he's a Cub so GO CUBS GO!!!!

  • Furdurp

    #10 You have Cliff Lee blurry, so not fair, ahhh his smile Love it.

  • ShelbyNoel

    #2 DeJesus mmhmm:) but, maybe next time I can get some Tony Campana- Cutest Cubbie out there fo sho :):)

  • miz_zee

    That is Sean Rodriguez!

  • Lizz

    #23 #28
    Love my braves.. But that is one hot bluejay

  • swollard0928@yahoo.com

    You missed one!! Justin Verlander! He’s MY Tiger!

  • brigid

    #15 #25 ohh..!! grady sizemore!!❤ GO TRIBE!😉

  • brandi

    Pre-beard Brian Wilson from the Giants should be all over this! I'd take him with the beard, too, but that's just me. 😀 http://mlblogssfgiants.files.wordpress.com/2009/0

  • Kate

    Thanks for posting Cano twice! VERY drool-worthy indeed!

  • Annie

    You need Troy Tulowitzki from Colorado and Zach Britton from the Orioles but you do got Jake Arrieta correct though for the Orioles YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • l0vebug76

    Ok really where is JP Arencibia? He is yummy!

  • Melissa

    This list needs Andre Either! Go Blue!!

  • fran

    #7 #9 love love love love

  • Aviatrix

    #2 Love me some David DeJesus, miss having him in KC.

  • http://www.scottsdaleflowers.info/ MetaMcart

    for more hot athletes!

  • http://www.baltimoreflowers.info/ Susannah Foy

    rady Sizemore is hot, unfortunately he's been injured and out for the majority of the past 3 seasons

  • Sadie

    Brandon Crawford and Ryan Vogelsong!!:)

  • Karri

    I already love the D-backs, but #29 makes me love them even more.

  • guest

    oh wait a minute, I see, all the rest AFTER BUSTER POSEY

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