Daily Awww: Thinking of you… (35 photos)

Here at theBERRY you see thousands of pictures. You've probably sent a pic or two to someone special because it reminds you of them, right? This 'Thinking of you' post allows you to let significant others, family members and friends know that you have them on your mind. The more creative the pic, the better! Click SUBMIT to send yours in.
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan & Alex

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  • MinervaMink

    #8 #9 #13 – They all brought a tear to my eye!😦

    • Francois

      Stopped reading after 13 because I was getting way depressed.

    • Lisa

      #13 is my Eula. I am sorry if it make other people sad. Y'all need to understand Eula. So long as the sun rose, she had a friend to talk to, food to eat and something to color, she was truly happy. One of her favorite things to ask folks was "Would you like to see a monkey?" And people would want to placate her so sure, they'd love to see a monkey. She'd hold a little purse mirror up to their faces. 😀

      Her life…her world…she was such a blessing to me. She never felt sorry for herself. She'd tell the most amazing stories. She had no living family but she'd tell you all about the fun times she and Mary had going out to the bar on Saturday night, just to get up an go to church on Sunday morning. :) For the last 6 years it was my great honor and privilege to be her legal guardian.

      She died on the 18th of February but the last time I saw her, she was hanging out in the living room of her group home. She was watching a young man who is about 55 years young and also mentally challenged. I whispered "Is that your boy friend?" She shook her head yes. I asked her "Does he know?" NO…shhhhhhh LOL :) She was truly awesome.

      Her death…it was one many will envy. She had a good morning with her friends, she ate lunch, she took a nap, she died. When they found her 1/2 an hour later, she had a chocolate bar in her hand. May we all pass so peacefully.

      #35 is mine as well. It was a beautiful Colorado sunset. And those words came to me like they were berry meant to be.

  • SkyeMontreal

    #13 is very sweet!

    • Lisa

      I have to share this story about her. :)

      I met Eula 8 years ago in a nursing home. Making a long story short, they put her in an Alzheimer's Unit because she was loud and only those who forget a lot wouldn't be irritated by her yelling.

      All was quiet one afternoon when I heard a strong male voice say "Lisa, you have a customer." Um. Wait. WHAT?!?!? Who is in the unit?!?!? The maintenance man used his key to come through the kitchenette area. No warning alarm went off for that. He'd gone in her room to do some electrical work. She'd been taking a nap but when she heard him tinkering, she had to investigate.

      When she saw who it was, she took her pants off, (kept undies on) pulled the privacy curtain out of the way and then stood there with her hands on her transfer pole looking over her shoulder, shifting her weight from one hip to the other while giving him *the eye*.

      LOL I about died laughing. And she KNEW it was funny. The poor guy…I've never seen a Hispanic man blush that deeply. It was quintessential Eula.

      My life was truly blessed to have been her friend for so long. Yes, her challenges were numerous, but her life was rich and beautiful and loving and pure. I carry her in my heart always. ❤

  • ShelbyNoel


    Are you trying to make me cry!?!?!?!?

  • TREN21

    #24 Awww…I designed this for my love. Can't believe it made it on here.

  • charlie
  • http://twitter.com/uablthrash @uablthrash

    #18 , I've tried to make the card and struggled through it… Good job! Hope she loves it!

  • Sarah

    #13 – Beautiful

    • Lisa

      One last story…

      At least once a month we'd go to the dime store and the diner. (Wal-Mart and McDonalds.)

      One day we drove past a road kill skunk. "PHEEEEWWW Tammy!!! DEAD skunk!!!" (She called me Tammy…I was good with that.) "I know Eula. Stinkkkkyyyyyy!!!"

      A few minutes later I asked her what she wanted for lunch. "SKUNK SOUP!!!"

      Then we both almost fell down laughing. :) Such a good memory. :)

  • jennifer

    #16 – my love's not to me on our dry erase board of things we need:) I love him so!

  • jennifer

    #16 *note

  • Amanda

    You made me the luckiest girl when you asked<3

  • IndyGirl

    My husband & I celebrate our anniversary twice a year…the day we met (which is actually 13 years ago today), and our wedding anniversary (9 yrs in November). This post put a smile on my face knowing other people feel the same way I do everyday…LOVED

  • MSG

    #12 is THE BEST

  • Karen


    She rocked….clearly. sorry for your loss

  • Christine

    #9 It'll be okay, I promise. It won't seem it now, but it will be.

  • mary

    #24 just looks so perfect for each other! sweet<3

    • TREN21

      Thank you Mary. This girl might have a few imperfections but to me she's the perfect woman.

  • Marz

    #34 my mam passed away in may 4 years ago too. I feel your pain

  • mid13

    #3 GO NAVY
    silly whoops

  • kkkbbbpppp

    #2 My boyfriend was so happy to see this! Thanks Berry!

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