• Okey...

    Stop putting wood on the fire and let the mother fu**er burn out now.. Please, or all my trust in the human race is goon forever..

  • Pedro

    Nothing anyone could say would make this whore appealing. I'd rather blow Bruce Jenner

  • socalmarti

    Please stop posting about these people Berry I❤ you stop failing me!

  • Araliya

    I hate myself for clicking on this.

  • Gerri

    She looks like shes getting ready to shoot a bukkake scene for her next movie….It be a step up for her…Just saying;)

  • kirah

    so tired on this famewho*e getting attention…. can we just stop paying attention to her…. she is so overrated. she is "famous" for being "famous" i cant stand her or her friggin family. she makes me sick.

  • mila

    ummm, why you is everyone hating this woman? she didn't do anything wrong to you… she's not a serial killer, a rapist, a pedophile… if you need someone to hate so badly, redirect your hatred to these kind of people… she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, I'll give you that but then again, she's not pretending to be the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with… so… take it easy folks… relax… no one is forcing her down your throat, it's not like you HAVE to watch or follow what she's up to… she's pretty and making millions of dollars… jelly? tough luck…

    • JOHN

      Ordinarily I would agree with such sentiment. I feel the same way about Justin Beiber; i.e. I don't give a shit about the kid one way or the other. The difference is the kid actually has talent and can play 1/2 a dozen instruments. He generates a product. This woman epitomizes everything wrong with what the country values today. She is famous because she is a socialite and is generally thought to be physically attractive. Though I am an Atheist, I can agree with the Judea-Christian view of false idol worship because it distracts people from things that matter in the world like our diseased economy, or political corruption. Entertainment can serve the necessary function of temporary stress relief during our leisure time but vacuous tabloid target like this contributes nothing but empty gossip

    • Alberto

      Agree!! I don't care about her but she is taking advantage of her looks !!! Good for her!

  • Jaz

    I love you berry but seriously? This chick just needs to fall off the face of the earth.

  • blah blah blah

    Even though its probably gets you mega hits, ads sales, and whatever…I think the consensus is that WE HATE posts of kim kardashian, we hate seeing her in the celeb rundown and we have allowed the 15 minutes to go on too long. For a woman in her 30's she is not a woman at all…A perpetually posing rich girl who cannot find anyone to love her even though she is beautiful because she is completely selfish and self involved. (Also, her clothes are tacky as fuck, and the women who model themselves after her show that they have no taste other than what the television informs them is swank.)

  • annoyed

    and she is famous for what again? oh yeah that's right, she banged some Z list celebrity and has a big ass….*yawn*

  • http://twitter.com/moeaubrey @moeaubrey

    Ugghhhh GAG ME!!! @KimKardashian – Please fall off the earth already. All the other Kardash/Jenners can stay:)

    • Soda Pop


  • Shan Mon

    Kim and Kanye make the PERFECT couple. Both obsessed with themselves.

  • Soda Pop

    What the hell is instagram?


    She is absoutely gorgeous. I wont hate on her for that. But I still find her annoying. She has so much and does anything she can for attention and more $. Instead of filling up another shoe closet, why dont ya fill up some hungry bellys? There's plenty that need it. Her selfishness and attitude make her unlikeable. If she would actually do something good for humanity,which she has the $ and power to feed a small country, then she would have a better appeal. It just disgusts me when people are blessed with so much and they choose to blow it on stupid things when they could really make a difference. Get back to me when she feeds a poor kid from Ethiopia instead of just posing with one for another photo opp.

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  • Jud

    I think she is horsefaced and scarey Hollywood plastic. Once in a while a photoshopped pic of her looks good,so what. My neighbors,muslim and greek and armenian and latin have the same look but natural and not enhanced and they are not stale,filthy famewhores.

  • bean

    Horsefaced plastic and odd.

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