Amazing cakes! (25 photos)

My Friend Roxanne, is the ultimate cake engineer. She's made some amazing cakes that are works of art. Click HERE to find out more info about Cakes By Roxanne!

Click HERE to find out more!

  • Susan

    Spectacular. They are to beautiful to eat.

  • BMerce33

    Yeah… that's pretty ridiculous. Crazy talent

  • tan

    her piping is amazing!

  • Linda

    If you think these cakes are good, check out these

    She is based in Co Cork and her cupcakes are AMAZING!!

  • chihuahua

    all heels report to my belly immediately!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really agree with these being beautiful. Having gone wedding cake shopping recently and my mother being a professional cake decorator, I’d be embarrassed to have those cakes at a party or something. The flowers look plastic, the ribbons around some of the cakes look like they were slopped on, the tiers are lopsided… I’m sure the artist meant well, but they’re obviously not very professional and no business would charge much for those cakes. That’s more like something you’d get discount at a grocery store.

  • Jen

    She should go into shoe design as well – those are some cute looking heels!

  • Blake

    wow, so beautiful!

  • Arthur Maddicks

    Those shoe cakes look almost real. In fact, I know a few people that would think those shoes were actual footwear.

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