BERRY hot men: Country boys (26 photos)


Click HERE for hot baseball players!

  • just me

    Cowboys make me melt. Especially liking #8 #15 and #19

  • LeeleeV

    All of them…..SQUEE!!!

  • Kat

    #12 woahhh there!!

  • jenna

    Mmm yes!

  • Nikkini

    What's wrong with #4's nipple? Saggy! Yuk!

    All the others though, yum! Moar posts like this puh-lease!!

  • Jaz

    It's decided, I'm moving out of the city and into the country. Gorgeous :)

  • XOXO

    The only one with chest hair. Yay for men with chest hair instead of naked 13yo boy chests.

  • nicki617

    uhhh #9 please

  • Lindsey

    best post ever! thank you Berry :)

  • hvaus

    Y U NO HAVE AUSTRALIAN MEN? Aussie stockman are the best, AND that means you can have a few shots of Hugh Jackman as well ;) Believe me, you won't regret it!

  • Angela

    #1 #8 #9 and the guy on the left in #26 are GORGEOUS!!! Let's do another one of these please :D

  • Joanna

    Anybody notice the (almost) complete lack of tattoos?? It's a novelty any more to see guys with no ink. Country boys…just one more reason for a northern girl to move to Texas!! :)

  • countrychivette

    I've been asking for this post FOREVER. Thank you sooo much. I'm a country girl stuck in the city, I need me some country boys!

  • darcyrae4

    # 13 and # 17 wow where do these men exist???

  • Jamie

    Thank you so much for this!! I love me a man in tight jeans and a cowboy hat!!

  • Kristen

    Posts like this always make me want to move to the south and find me a cowboy

  • shelbs

    This just made my day!! BEST BERRY ALBUM EVER!!!!

  • Donnie

    #26 good gawd almighty. Yeeee haw!

  • rocklesson86

    I not a fan of country boys, but I like Time McGraw and Blake Shelton.

  • wow


  • Anonymous

    Todos sao lindos!!!parabens pelo site..

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