BERRY hot men: You choose today’s Afternoon Eye Candy (10 photos)

Hey ladies! Guess what? You get to choose who will be featured in today's Afternoon Eye Candy. Comment below to cast your vote. Simply put the number sign and number for your hottie (ie. #3). Have fun!
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan and Alex

UPDATE: Voting complete, stay tuned for the winner!

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  • Mima

    #5 Cuuuutie!

  • stew

    #3 FTW

  • SnowbunnyRu

    #9 Alex! 💋💘💗

  • Jill

    Not a choice but Ian Kinsler, please!!

  • Monica


  • bridget


  • Drew

    Matt Kemp, boo is fine

  • alex0427

    #11 !!

  • Becky

    Matt Kemp, I am a Cubs Fan, and I will vote for him

  • Angie


  • Blanca


  • Kat S.

    #11! Go YANKEES!!

  • TB.Chivette

    #10 please

  • Michelle

    Gah I can't choose! #6 or #8!

  • angela

    #8 #8 #8

  • Ashley


  • sarahbear247

    #9❤ A Rod!!

  • katie

    #4 go rays!

  • Stevie

    Can we please get some Braves❤ on here? Dan Uggla or Brian McCann? Maybe, possibly?:)

  • BounceAround

    Definitely #3

  • Lauren

    #3 Joe Mauer YUUUUM

  • Lisa

    Since cliff lee isn't on the list I guess I'll have to go with #8

  • Romi

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