• http://www.windows8news.com/ Dortha Milner

    Set Charlotte on fire Friday night at Osso with the Hennessy team

  • SadeShadz

    #17 ♥

  • DrunkGirl

    I enjoyed this exact post when the chive did it… and at least they had captions

    • Smurfy

      Then go back to the Chive.

  • Smurfy

    Then go back to the Chive.

  • alloitsme

    #8 Degrassi was awesome.

  • Mooch

    Berry… Y U no put names under?

  • brianna

    #26…Lady gaga?? damn she looked so much better >.<

    • hpuem

      I was thinking that was Minnie Driver…?

      • Gerri

        nope it is in fact Lady Gaga

      • Samantha

        Uh, Minnie Driver has the hugest jaw ever, there is no mistaking her for anyone lol

  • Lisa H.

    #8 Hahahahaha omg Drake was totally goofy looking! Hilarious! #17 Jack Black was a total cutie-pie!!!

  • Devan

    This may be silly but who are #6 #7 #18 and #25 ? I can't recognize them😦

    • CAGS

      Sahkira, Kanye, idk,idk:-)

    • Rachel

      #7 is definitely kanye west. and #25 is the beatles. just look at paul mccartney's face!

    • JenPen

      Shakira, Kanye West, Marilyn Manson and the Beatles

    • JCool

      OMFG, you don't know the BEATLES?

    • Soda Pop

      The last two is Marylin Manson (I believe)…..and how the hell do you not recognize the Beatles?

  • Gerri

    Lady Gaga used to be really beautiful. I wish she would go back….

  • Betsy

    ❤ #6

  • LuckyVu13

    #3 Who is this?

    • Betsy

      It's Fergie

      • LuckyVu13

        Really!?!?! Crazy! She was cute

        • Betsy

          Yeah she was. Before she did all kinds of surgeries to her face. "allegedly"

  • mila

    "Young pictures of celebrities"???? Isn't more "Pictures of young celebrities"… it's the celebrities that are young not the pictures… My, oh my…

  • katie

    I am appalled that people don't recognize the beatles😦

  • Donnie


    • Arwen

      Settle down…

  • Abbey

    #1 Since I've starting watching The Voice I'm really starting to not like her. She's a total bitch !!

    • Arwen

      Agreed completely! I always respected her for her talent if nothing else, but on the show…bitch is putting it lightly. I can barely watch it because of her. Luckily the guys are so awesome that they make up for it.

  • Sinead

    #18 is Brian Hugh Warner, a.k.a Marilyn Manson (:

  • sean

    i dont know who like, 90% of these people are. im so proud of myself ^.^

  • pheebo

    i dunno whooda hella deeze peepa are hav da time anywhoo yu knowda mamba!

  • http://noneexistsyaknow.wordpress.com stevenfbrackett

    You forgot the captions again

  • Soda Pop

    Who is #9 and #16?

    • hi mom

      9 Coldplay & 16 Michael Jackson

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